My name is Kus Andriadi. I have an IT background, graduated from Budi Luhur University and University Of Indonesia majoring Master of Information Technology. In the industry, I have quite a lot of experience in software development fields.

Currently, I work at Blibli as Development Lead, but whatever the name, I prefer called as Developer (or in Blibli, we called it SDE - Software Development Engineer). As a Developer, most of my experiences are using Spring stack. Of course, it is because Spring already becomes “standard” in The Java environment.

This site is one of my blogs. The articles here will consist of my writings about more tech-related topics. I will write mixed between Bahasa Indonesia or English. For other issues (more non-tech), you can go to kusandriadi.com, hint: most of the articles there, are with Bahasa Indonesia.

The reason behind the separation of my two blogs is that I want to become more productive in writing various kinds of topics, not only tech-related. Writing is also one of my ways to becoming a better thinker. Eh? Is there a relationship between writing and thinking? Keep this in your mind. You MUST to read very much to become a good writer. With readings, you will expand your vocabulary, extend your knowledge, and adding more points of view. Indirectly, Your way of thinking will be more profound and critical.

Besides my daily activities as Developer, I regularly trained in Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) and Judo, I started training at 2016. in BJJ, I also certified as BJJ fundamental instructor from Alliance BJJ Indonesia. Wow, You are very busy? Ah, not really. Simple, You have to keep your body healthy to work properly :D

Last but not least, you can contact me directly to me[at]kusandriadi[dot]com. Thank you :)