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Definisi dari sebuah kebenaran

Kita mengetahui bahwa di dunia ini selalu ada hitam dan putih, benar dan salah, baik dan jahat. Filosofi cina kuno mengenalnya dalam istilah YIN dan YANG. YIN adalah sisi hitam, dan YANG adalah sisi putih, di tiap sisi ada titik yang berlawanan, maksudnya adalah semua hal yang ada di dunia ini, pasti ada yang sejalan dan juga ada yang berseberangan. lalu bagaimana kedua hal tersebut berjalan beriringan dan saling melengkapi satu sama lain menjadi bumbu-bumbu kehidupan

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Find and kill running process in Linux

There are a several ways to kill process in linux, all of them are very straightforward, you can choose which ways that suitable for you, Because sometime you just need kill process that using a certain port or just kill application directly. On this article, I will only discuss 3 of them. Be wisely, just stopping process that you know and do not be carelessly, stopping process that related to operating system could mess up your day 🙂

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Find a files that containing particular text in Linux

Once upon a time, we want to find a files that just containing particular text. Unfortunately, we have 10000 files inside our folder. Should we check one by one? yes, you should. Until you find a better way to solve this issue :). For me, it was happened when I stored my configuration files into one folder, there are about 50+ files and I just want to know where are my files that I need. I do not want to ruined my time with opening files one by one. After a little googling, I found a better way to solve this. You can just using :

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