How to upgrade Cinnamons

If you installed Linux Mint 13, you have cinnamons 1.4 inside, do the following commands for make sure :

user@user-pc ~ $ cinnamon –version
Cinnamon 1.4.2

Then if you have sure about cinnamon version that you have, its time to rock on! upgrade your cinnamons to 1.6 version, I think this version is stable enough for LM Maya, please make a notice, cinnamons 1.6 will be provided in LM 14 with codename “Nadia”. Its common Indonesian girl name, very beautiful. haha…

Ok, back to topic, here are the few steps to working on it :

1. Enable Romeo package on your repository

I recommended to use synaptic package manager, open Synaptic then point to Settings -> Repositories and then check the Romeo package option.

2. Select a few package together with cinnamons upgrade package

Do not forget to apt-get update to pull out romeo repositories. then select package below :

  1. muffin-common
  2. libmuffin0
  3. girl1.2-muffin-3.0
  4. cinnamon

remember, in the future maybe you will get different version of muffin, if the case like that, you still can choose that package without wonder about version.

When you finished, do not forget to unable romeo packages, the step by step to disable romeo packages is the contrary when you want to enable it. to ensure your cinnamon version, you can check with cinnamon version command like in top side this article.

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