Using tree directory structure in linux

Do you ever face a trouble when you want to look directory tree structure in linux? I do :). I look my friends just write command “tree” in his computer, then directory structure will be shown. But it is not work on my computer! after a little searching with my besties, finally I found a way out. this is simple, very simple. you just have to install app that called “tree” to use this command. how do I know? because when you type “tree”, it was show me like not found tree command.

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Simple Log4J Example Tutorial

Logging is very important in our project, it will record all activity include of info, error, debug, etc . With a good logging, we can trace when we get problem and fix it immediately. Now, I use Log4J as my logging framework, I will show you a simple Log4j example in this article . When you want to use Log4J, you have to make a file (whatever between .properties or .xml) that will be format your logging message. You can customize your logging properties, this is what I have :

log4j.appender.stdout.layout.ConversionPattern=%d [%c{1}] %-5p %c:%L – %m%n

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How to upgrade Cinnamons

If you installed Linux Mint 13, you have cinnamons 1.4 inside, do the following commands for make sure :

user@user-pc ~ $ cinnamon –version
Cinnamon 1.4.2

Then if you have sure about cinnamon version that you have, its time to rock on! upgrade your cinnamons to 1.6 version, I think this version is stable enough for LM Maya, please make a notice, cinnamons 1.6 will be provided in LM 14 with codename “Nadia”. Its common Indonesian girl name, very beautiful. haha…

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Fix Linux Mint 13 Boot Issues

Sometimes if we want to install two OS in our PC, we will get booting problems. I have did many ways to solved this issue, I am using Linux Mint 13 which based on Ubuntu 12.10. I get this issue when I am first install Linux Mint 13 and then windows 7. after looking aroung with my best friend, I’ve found a simple and smarter way to fix this issues.

There is an application called Boot-Repair, this is a simple tool to repair boot issues in our lovely linux. here are few steps to get done on it :

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