Using tree directory structure in linux

Do you ever face a trouble when you want to look directory tree structure in linux? I do :). I look my friends just write command “tree” in his computer, then directory structure will be shown. But it is not work on my computer! after a little searching with my besties, finally I found a way out. this is simple, very simple. you just have to install app that called “tree” to use this command. how do I know? because when you type “tree”, it was show me like not found tree command.

So the completion is you have to install tree app, I am using Linux Mint 13, LM is ubuntu descendant. so just type :

xxx@xxxx-pc ~ $ sudo apt-get install tree

then let linux take the rest! 😀 after installed finish, check with directory that you want to look, for example, I make an empty project with maven, here is the result :

xxx@xxxx-pc ~/example-project $ tree
├── pom.xml
└── src
├── main
│   └── java
│   └── com
│   └── kusandriadi
│   └── tree
│   └──
└── test
└── java
└── com
└── kusandriadi
└── tree

11 directories, 3 files

It is easy right? 🙂

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